Introducing CHOP

Hello everyone,

you might recognize the name “Project Icecream”, and well, CHOP is its definitive name. We started working on it seriously and this post is here to update you with the latest news about it. (Also check out!)

What’s CHOP?

CHOP is a written programming language supposed to be a bridge between block programming and Node.js/Python or a replacement for the last two in simple applications. Its interpreter is written in C#.


CHOP stands for Children-Oriented Programming (I mean, it’s just oriented to children, but it’s usable at any age), and we also chose it because of its shortness.

We know looking up information about it on your favorite search engine will probably be difficult, and that’s why we want to tell you anything about CHOP will be easily searchable and accessible through!


We do not have a logo yet, and that’s why we started a contest on our Discord server for that! Send any idea of a logo (as a Figma link) in the #chop-logo-contest channel.

The winner will get in CHOP’s credits and access to the private CHOP GitHub page!

Code syntax, commands, files etc.

The code syntax is built on the concept of Container:Action(), and tries to adhere to that as much as possible; the following is an example of some code.

CHOP files will have the .chop extension and the interpreter will use the command chop.

Package Manager

CHOP will support external packages (“chops”), but only the ones made with CHOP itself. We will try to add enough features to the programming language to allow any action with it. Chops will be available at, and they will be installed with this command: chop install <package> . Also, the interpreter will automatically enable all chops installed in a specific project, eliminating the need for import statements.

The Release

And here, last but not least, we announce the most important information: when CHOP will be released.

Well, we will open our GitHub repository to the public exactly on October 31st, 2023, at 2 pm (14:00) GMT, and it will contain (hopefully) almost complete betas of the programming language ready to be installed.

The first official release does not have a confirmed date, but it will probably be in Mid-2024.

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